Monday, 8 August 2016

How should you approach doing PR?

PR is not only about making your brand name get printed in the press; it is a complex process which numerous tools which involves a number of techniques that lead you to a successful PR strategy. The strategy formation involves a number of techniques that are used in other forms of marketing as well. Realising your need to having a good PR strategy is the first step towards an effective PR Program.
There are a lot of important tools that lead PR campaigns and understanding them becomes incumbent upon those desirous of doing PR. Commonly used tools include Press Releases, Media Alerts,  Press Tours, Trade Shows, E-Mail Marketing, Social Networking and Featured Articles.
Press Release is the most simple and effective way of updating the masses about any news about your business. You can talk about your projects, new tie ups, new products or anything that you want which would then be widely circulated via printed or online newspapers. Media alerts are quite similar to Press Releases but they differ from them in certain ways as they are targeted more towards journalists and photographers and are in essence held to inform the media about a conference you are holding. Press Tours are held to make influential bloggers and journalists to meet you with an aim of making them write about you. Attending Trade shows allows you to meet likeminded people and is an excellent way of networking with influential people. Similarly, social media allows you to network with a wide range of audience through an online platform. In E-Mail Marketing you promote your brand and ideas to people who are interested or to people whom you want to take interest in your products.
All these tools might look uncomplicated and simple to use, but it is only an expert who can invest time and energy in the right kind of strategies and right kinds of tools. Unless there is a sanctified plan, your efforts will not be strong enough to get you a good traction.

Using Public Relations as a marketing tool is a cheap and a sure way for you to gain credibility for your business. This is simply because it is a third party speaking about you and by default it would tend to be more believable than traditional advertising with pushy self promotional messages. Generally, a good thought out PR strategy can not only give your company a lot of credibility, give your brand and products an ample amount of publicity, but also keep your company prepared for any form of bad media crisis management.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Three truths of PR professionals

In every profession there are certain universal truths that exist. In PR as well we have things that will always remain a particular way despite your hate for them being so. With that in mind, let us look at a few universal Public Relations truths. 
The Job is never done: This is one of the scariest things of PR. Public Relations is a cycle of repeating the same actions again and again. You first conceptualise an idea for your client, then develop it, and start pitching it. Once it appears on the desired media, you start optimising it. You are always pushing your mind to think of something unique that can satisfy your clients. And this is a routine for you, and you work every day to do the same thing be unique and e creative. PR is all about storytelling, you need powerful storytelling and strong connections to make PR happen.
Getting along with the unknown:  A significant amount of PR that is done is reactive in nature. You need to be prepared along with your team to deal with an unprecedented crisis situation.  You can be the best planner and gauge your PR strategy very well, but then it does not make the PR efforts always be rosy and good. You need to ensure that you and your clients are well prepared with all their backup strategies, In many cases the material should be already developed and approved so that the effect of the negative PR becomes the least. PR Agency
Obsessed about making a good first impression:  You continuously are in an urgent need to grow your network. You might need to know the names of every new entrant into journalism in your specific industry. You are continuously writing introduction eMails, giving compliments in order to make your circle bigger. Before interacting you need to be very concerned about two things, researching the person well and writing the mail according to the taste and preferences of the receiver and very importantly not making any grammatical errors.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Time to Humanise Your Marketing

Marketers, Advertisers, and Public Relations Professionals are constantly conceiving strategies that would make their sales grow. However, many a times these professionals start thinking more about their brand than the audience. Whereas, PR professionals might be thinking regarding the industry trends to find themselves a mention, while advertisers might be looking for ways to send a message to a greater audience at the cheapest price and Marketers might be busy building leads to serve the Sales department. All of them are making a mistake, though! They have forgotten the human being behind the screen; the human who is to buy their products and services. It is this human factor that should drive all their marketing efforts, including Public Relations and Advertisements. Rather than analyzing what went wrong after you set forth a marketing strategy, frame your strategies around the feelings of your target customer.

Take Human Psychology as a Guide
Not everyone in the audience is your target customer. So, the first thing to determine is who would buy your products. Who are they? Where do they live? What is their income? And what motivates them to buy your product? Answers to these few questions are generic but vital to guide all your marketing endeavors.

Putting your feet in the Shoes of your customer
Forget your sales for a moment and think about what would elevate the feelings of your customers. A Marketer might not have a psychology degree, but he would need to know human emotions to drive his efforts. Let him consider himself to be the customer of his own brand. What would I want from it? What would drive me to purchase it? What would I feel after procuring the product? Personalizing all your marketing efforts makes you understand your customer better and you can create a human link to the marketing strategy that you are going to design.

Opt for Human Marketing
Bringing in humanity into marketing is the newest trend in vogue. The amount of success received by info-graphics and concept based videos really tells us how much humans cherish information based content even if it is of a promotional nature. Marketers also need to study how searches are being conducted on search engines and how are the search tags written in the search bar. This would make them understand the reality of the tastes and preferences of the customers. Digital Marketing Agency

Over the years consumers have become irritated with brands coming to them with a buying plea. They are after them everywhere, at home, in their office and at parties. Many marketers have made errors of not considering the human nature of their audience and thus have lost a lot of customers over the years. If you want to build a better connection between your brand and its consumers, humanize all your marketing efforts.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agencies

In today’s time with the help of technologies, we are becoming more and more advanced. Digital marketing agencies mean marketing of products or services using the internet. They have a team of graphic designers, Web developers, creative, specialises in digital advertising, analysts and account executives. Companies use these agencies because they have low cost. Digital marketing agencies are very different from any traditional advertising agency because the processes take place in real time. It's crazy, dynamic and at the same time innovative! Here are the 5 reasons:

a)     Going Social: Digital marketing agencies know well the techniques to attract more and more target audience. They know what to post, when to post, where to post. They know which social media would be best for their client.

b)    Agencies have more time:  In-house companies don’t have much time to spend on digital works. Agencies have more time to spend on your plan. As a result, they are able to deliver the best results in a short period of time.  

c)      Strategies: Marketing agencies opt various strategies for their clients. They need to update their strategies to enhance client’s reputation by posting various posts. They know well, which strategy should be used in which plan. A good strategy will distinguish between failure and success.

d)    Brand Identification: They are well aware of different guidelines that need to be followed before opting any kind of strategy. They know the customer behaviour towards the company and might even have experience with client’s competitors. Social Media Services

e)     Experience: Hiring someone new for digital marketing will take a lot of time and will be an expensive one, but if we hire a digital agency they have experienced team workers. They know better where to begin and how to succeed. Experienced team workers would give better results than an in-house company

Monday, 2 May 2016

Impact of Social Media on the Business World

The influence of social media is bursting into our lives, both personally and professionally. The internet is whirling at a very fast pace. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, all the social portals help individuals to interact with global businesses and communities. Social Media is a platform where people create, maintain and share information and ideas. The impact of social media in the business world is increasing rapidly. It helps in promoting the vision, values and culture of an organization in addition to the promotion of its products and services. There are a few guidelines which shall help to enhance the credibility of your business through social media.

Concoct a great content marketing
Create a great content, including appealing pictures and videos. Share your content across social media platforms. Build an appreciative and intuitive content that people would like to read.

Be accessible and approachable
Many businesses create a one-way social media platform where they do not revert to their audiences. An effective platform is that where you engage in conversations and clarifies the doubts of your consumers.

Authenticity is rewarding
Be very authentic regarding your products and services. Deliver the unfeigned and genuine information to your consumers, then only they will be able to maintain trust. Authenticity will build your reputation and thereby you will have a supporting community. Digital Marketing

Develop consistency among all your profiles
Do not update your profiles haphazardly rather be very consistent in customising your profiles. Make them similar and consistent as your audience would be checking all your profiles.

A brand’s identity should be clear and concise. Its narrative should define its ideals and values. With the advancement of social media, brands get easily acquainted with people’s hobbies, shopping preferences, travelling hubs, so on and so forth. Social media marketing offers brands a great platform to connect with their consumers and helps in enhancing the growth of business.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Why Businesses In Mexico Are Not Pro PR

Public Relations (PR) is an interface between a marketer and the media, and the collaborative efforts of these three, viz. Marketer, PR Firm and Media help to make marketing more strong & impactful. Whereas advertising is a solo show business, the marketer directly promotes a brand through the media, but paid. Businesses in the present times understand the potential of PR – integrated, influencing and inexpensive. That’s why the newer weapon of Marketing means PR is considered more practical and powerful than its predecessor (Advertising) by a majority of smart and marketing savvy entrepreneurs for promoting a brand or concept in almost every developed and growing economy. But, exceptions are everywhere and Mexico, the North American state is one of the rare countries where enterprises are still sticking to traditional forms of marketing like advertising and direct mail to interact with the target audience.

Even I was not aware that in Mexico businesses are still reluctant to PR. In January this year, I wrote an article ‘Never Underestimate the Public Relations’ and posted it on LinkedIn. One of the readers who appreciated my post was Alfredo J. Enriquez, a gentleman from Mexico, in the comment box, he wrote,” Beautifully written. But most businesses in Mexico, I don't wonder why yet, do not hire PR and they tend more to hire Marketing agencies, and it is more difficult to start a PR agency. We still have a lot to do and to learn in this area. What do you think?”
His question was very challenging, but I mustered up some courage and asked him to give two weeks time to investigate the causes. The busy work schedule did everything to embarrass me and after consuming 12 long weeks, today I feel a bit comfortable to answer -  why businesses do not hire PR agencies in Mexico?
Here, I would like to share the factors responsible for the low PR acceptance in the world’s 11th largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity.
  • A majority of entrepreneurs in Mexico perceives that PR is just to rescue an organization from the crisis.
  • The Gulf oil spill tragedy in 2010 and the failure of PR in dodging the BP’s Crisis.
  • It is a common perception that newspapers are the harbingers of bad/negative news/stories.
  • Low penetration of digital and social media, people still prefer TV and radio for news and information acquisition.
  • Overly negative views of the outside world towards the Mexico due to drug trafficking and rivalry among narcotic traders. 
  • Not so good trade relations with the USA, the powerhouse of the world economy.
  • The Latinos are still less friendly with English, the trade language of world’s business community, they still prefer to communicate in Spanish.
These are the common barriers that discourage the growth and acceptance of the PR in Mexico. Identification of problems is worthless until and unless they are countered with some remedial measures. In the next write-up I will try to come with some feasible solutions.                                                                        
Please Keep Patience, Solutions Are Just 500 Words Away…

Monday, 4 April 2016

Role of Public Relations in Business

In this insistent and zealous world each and every single individual is forging ahead to achieve success. Nobody would want to crawl in their self created shell and remain sluggish. Everyone loves to experience and learn new things. Business world of today is extremely competitive. Every organization is coming up with new ideas and they are trying to interact with as many people as they can. An organization not only aims at satisfying their existing consumer’s needs rather it aims to expand its horizon by introducing more and more new people.

Public relations analyses, identifies and evaluates the needs, wants and aspirations of the general public and thereby initiates their action which leads to the growth of an organization. PR brings an organization and general public relatively close to each other. It plays a prominent role in building healthy relationship between an organization and general public.

Public relations agencies are the one that stimulates and nurtures an organizations reputation. They publicize and promotes the company’s profile globally, which further unleashes the growth barriers and helps an organization to achieve success. A good PR agency communicates an authentic message between an organization and their clients and promotes them in a creative and innovative way.

Public relations are not just for large organization, it also benefits small organizations. They work hard to maintain a brand image of an organization in the domestic as well as international markets and build a strong trust with the target audience. They put in their efforts to bring success in organizations by implementing their creative skills.